Building the Future at Lloyd’s

We want to ensure every component of the Future at Lloyd’s ecosystem integrates seamlessly to deliver the best experience for everyone – but most importantly our customers.

As part of our commitment to keeping you updated with developments, we have created this site where you can see all live research and ideas in development.

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Help shape the future of Lloyd's

We’re building the world’s most advanced insurance marketplace, bringing together technology and experience design to create something truly exceptional.

We’re taking an open approach to research and learning. That means we’re running experiments and sharing prototypes with our users as we build them.

We need people like you to join our research panel, to feedback on our ideas and experiments, and help us to build the right thing for the right people.

We know you’re busy, so you choose your level of engagement: from short online activities, to in-depth one-to-one interviews, you’re in control.

We're building the world's most advanced insurance marketplace

Lou Smith, Chief Digital Officer


I’m Lou Smith, Chief Digital Officer.

I am part of the team that is here to help build the world's most advanced digital insurance marketplace. As we deliver the Future at Lloyd’s, we want to ensure every component of the ecosystem integrates and delivers the best experience. An important part of this is removing any friction or pain points that currently exist along the journey.

But we need your engagement. We’re taking a very open and human approach to how we learn, using open research with the market as a key tool.

This blog is for everyone across the market to share their insight on our projects, ideas and concepts.

We want to engage with you through short sharp bursts of research activity called ‘experiment spikes’ to drive fast insight and feedback. This approach will enable us to test ideas and progress them as quickly and efficiently as possible and park the ideas where insight and feedback shows they won’t help. Any solutions that are successful from these experiments will be fed into the Future at Lloyd’s workstreams.

As our knowledge of everyone's needs expands, so too will our solutions. We’ll share them here, and we’ll look forward to your input to make them better. We’re happy to hear from anyone, at any time, and this blog is just one channel you can use.


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Ways you can get involved

Sign up to our research panel, and let us know the kind of activities you're keen to engage with.

Light touch research

Give us quick insight into your needs and opinions. Get involved with rapid pulse surveys, quick-fire interviews, alongside some online panels and questionnaires.

Collaborative (group) research

Work with researchers and our wider panel to evaluate designs and come up with new ideas. Work in online workshops, focus groups, design reviews and group collaboration sessions.

In depth research

Help us build out a detailed picture of the way you work and the things you need. Get involved with longer interview sessions, observations, talk-aloud sessions, and take part in experiments.

Learn more about our design work

Read about what we’re designing, how our experiment sprints work, and some more information on how you can take part.

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Read about the latest work from the team

September 2020

The Virtual Room: Designing a Real-World Digital Experience

In six weeks we have gone from concept to a functioning Virtual Room for Lloyd’s.

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September 2020

Claims: Creating a robust future end to end Journey

Research continues to inform every aspect of how we think about and design for the Future at Lloyd’s claims journey.

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August 2020

The Virtual Room: Our test and scale approach

The journey towards Release one on the virtual room and how you have helped shape it.

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